We Design and Produce Custom Awards

CustomAwards.com has been designing and producing custom awards for over 35 years.

We began as a model making company in 1981 in Chicago, IL and have literally produced thousands of custom projects over the years.
Being immersed in the daily production of custom work continues to inspire; simply put, we love our work. We believe that having a supplier who really understands the process through hands-on experience provides real benefit to each client. It is our job (and pleasure) to assist you in finding the most appropriate match for your particular project. We take all of the necessary steps to ensure the desired outcome…on time and on a budget.

CustomAwards.com can handle anything from small jobs to very large projects that require complete fulfillment services.

Along with this experience, we have extensive in-house capabilities that allow us to serve you at the highest level. All custom components are produced in the USA to ensure quality and production time. Our overall goal is to provide you with a creative solution with quality control over the end result, timing and cost of a project. Custom work is highly demanding and requires expertise, and that’s exactly what we provide. We can create custom awards using almost any process or combination of techniques; from sculpting & casting to machining & plating, as well as many other processes. In addition to acrylic casting and fabrication, we also offer a wide range of metal, crystal, glass, stone, resin and sustainable woods.

Although mastering the art and craft of creating custom awards is a never ending job, it is a fascinating and varied one as well. The intense demands of creative short run production constantly present new challenges and solutions. We are 100% committed to keeping pace with any recent developments to help provide you with the newest and best options. At the same time, classic techniques still apply to certain projects, and we also incorporate old technologies and materials when appropriate.

CustomAwards.com is here to help you with your special project, please feel free to put our expertise to work. We are always glad to provide informed suggestions as well as to provide quotes and free samples…or just to use us as a sounding board.

It is helpful if you would please have the answers to the contact form ready prior to discussing your project. Having at least a basic sense of your parameters will help make your experience all the more beneficial and efficient.

Please email us at info@CustomAwards.com or call at 847.729.4400.
We very much look forward to hearing your thoughts and working with you soon!

Cary Lachman

President/CustomAwards, Inc.

A Note on Design Options

Items shown in this catalog are only examples of our capabilities. 35 years and thousands of projects later, CustomAwards.com remains at the cutting edge of creating unique and custom designs for each of our clients. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements and welcome the opportunity to create a piece of enduring value for you and your associates. We are known for our ability to consistently think “outside of the box”, and are proud of our reputation for meeting and exceeding your expectations, on time and on budget – every time.

The following design options are available in a range of sizes, price ranges, and time frames:

STOCK: Personalized existing designs.
SEMI-CUSTOM: Customizing by changing or combining the aspects of existing designs.
CUSTOM: Designed completely to your specifications.

Contact us with your complete requirements for fast and accurate pricing. Please provide us with the date needed, quantity, price range, content and product preference so that we may suggest the most appropriate options for your particular needs. If you are already a customer, we would like to thank you for your continued support. If you are not a customer already, then we look forward to working with you soon — and for the opportunity of earning your business.