How do you motivate people? What brings out their best work? How do you acknowledge excellence? Whether you lead a division, a sales team, or an entire corporation, we can bet these kinds of questions are on your mind. Making folks feel valued and appreciated is a huge part of leading; positive feedback motivates on a deep level.

Positivity & Performance

We all want to be a part of positive and healthy working environments, right? But, how do those of us with influence create them? There’s a wealth of research that shows high-stress, cutthroat company cultures don’t foster performance or loyalty. The Harvard Business review cites that, “disengaged workers had 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors and defects.” Furthermore, they mentioned that workplace stress leads to a staggering, “increase of almost 50% in voluntary turnover.Whether intended or not, negative, uninspiring work atmospheres are hurting our businesses and impeding growth.

So, how can we reward outstanding employee performance and increase overall morale? While there are many ways to address this need, one strategy we recommend is establishing an employee recognition program. Below are the four ways we believe awards programs breed strong corporate cultures.

Empowers Strengths

Most of us can think of significant moments when a parent, teacher, or mentor pointed out our strengths as a kid. There’s a reason why we remember those conversations – having your skills affirmed feels pretty great, right? Imagine then how much more potent this concept could be for your employees. Awards tell people, we see your hard work or impressive talent, and we want you to keep it up!

Promotes Appreciation

As stated above, validation is a universal human need. Nothing engenders griping more than a lack of acknowledgment. Feeling as though we’re not being noticed or thanked might even make people complain more, slack off, distract others, or even become hostile. An underappreciated workforce isn’t just a nuisance; it’s often an inefficient liability.

Generates Loyalty

Company loyalty matters. A lack of dedication can result in decreased performance, lowered profits, and increased employee turnover. We all know how time-consuming finding and training new hires can be, so why aren’t we all investing more in systems that build buy-in? Awards programs, perks, and other benefits make people feel cared for; they motivate us to push through those hard days and busy seasons.

Cultivates Connections

Lastly, if you’re a higher-up in any large organization, we can bet you’re looking for chances to engage with your personnel. Instituting an awards program is the perfect opportunity to meet more of your team regularly! It’s a win-win; your best workers will feel invested in, and you’ll get more face time with people. Bonus: you’ll know who to put in charge of new projects, promote, or invest more resources and training in!

Get Started

Are you ready to start designing custom awards for your new recognition program? Get in touch with us today! Our talented team will help you get the ball rolling!